If you scrolled through our Fingery Food Instagram thread you would think these people don’t eat anything except goddam cheat meals! That’s not the case. But who wants to see a picture of chicken and brown rice on their Instagram feed?


That’s no fun, is it?


But life is all about balance right?


We F45 and gym at least 5 times a week, so we don’t feel so guilty when we smash a burger on the weekend.

Who doesn’t love a good cheat meal. So here are Fingery Food’s top 5 cheat meals (in no particular order) when that salad isn’t quite cutting the mustard.


Disclaimer: we’re based in Wellington, but the great thing about the foods below is that you can get them anywhere!


#1 You guessed it, BURGERS.

Beef, lamb, chicken, pork, vegetarian, vegan, however you have your burger, nothing beats it.
And don’t you dare be using a knife and fork when you are consuming this cheat meal. The messier the better in our opinion.


#2 Donuts. Glorious donuts.

One half of Fingery Food is a sucker for a good donut. The more cream the better. Why not have a burger AND a donut on your next cheat day?


#3 Bagels. The ones smothered in cream cheese.

Who doesn’t love a good bagel? Bagel of choice for team FF is salmon and cream cheese. Mm-mmm.


#4 Fries. The potato kind.

No two fry are ever the same. And that’s what makes them so bloody delicious. Think you know where the best fries are in NZ? You best be messaging us as soon as you finish reading this.


#5 And last, but definitely not least, Fried Chicken.


Whether it be on its own, in a burger, taco or wrap, fried chicken is one of the greatest inventions in the world.

Happy eating friends.


Fingery Foodies