Gyms can be intimidating places, you’re surrounded by mirrors, super fit people that look like something out of a marvel movie, not to mention the imposing gym equipment.


It’s hard to know what piece of equipment does what, let alone the muscle groups you should be targeting.


We’ve put together 4 helpful pieces of advice if you’re finding Gyms to be intimidating :


1/ Forget what people think.


Most people who attend a gym are working within a routine, they tend to be focused on the work-out they need to get done between the various life commitments.


They couldn’t care less what you’re wearing or how fit you are.


2/ Accept advice when given.


If you’ve had someone approach you to make a friendly suggestion, it’s more than likely they’ve been in the exact same position as you. Someone has also give them valuable advice that’s helped them along the way. So accept it, say thanks and add it to the knowledge bank.


3/ Find a home.


Check out our video on 4 important questions to ask when joining Gym.


It’s really important you find a gym that you feel comfortable working out in, so have a look around and find something close to either home or work. It’s likely to increase your chances of attending.


You need to feel comfortable in your surroundings, if it feels right, sign up.


4/ Invest in a personal trainer.


With so much advice on social media today, it’s easy to take any advice given by countless influencer’s. It’s amazing they can even find the the time to squeeze in a workout, let alone share training tips in between selfies.


Spend the money on getting good advice upfront. Having someone who can assess your form or correct your technique, sets you up for life. Most importantly, you can avoid injury that can easily throw you off your groove.


So, write down some goals, visualize success and lock it in. Forget what others think, find a nice & easy gym to get to, book a PT session and get amongst it.


Happy Training.