A combination of the BLACKROLL® BLOCK, MINI and Ball is the “Swiss Pocket Knife” amongst all fascia tools. Targeted massage of single muscles, deeper lying muscles, and particular tensed points such as the chest, hand, feet, arms, calves or Achilles tendon becomes much easier and more effective.

– Target the Calves and Achilles tendon with the Black roll BALL or MINI roll.
– Targeted massage of the feet, legs, arms and other body parts.
– Target the chest using the BALL & BLOCK against the wall or holding the block on both sides to increase and decrease pressure with control.
– Makes a great Yoga block for extension, support and easier balance in poses
– Flip’s open so you can store your BLACKROLL® MINI or BLACKROLL® DuoBall
– Suitable for massage of the feet, arms and neck as well
– Use at a table, wall or on the floor.

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Black Roll products are Made in Germany to highest production quality standards. Black roll utilize energy saving green production methods, the products are 100 % recyclable, free of propellants and free of chemicals.


– inodorous
– water resistant
– easy to clean
– easily sanitised


BLACKROLL BLOCK: 30 cm (l) x 15 cm (w) x 10 cm (h)
BLACKROLL MINI green: 15 cm x 5,3 cm
BLACKROLL Ball pink: 8 cm diameter